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Siddhi .~ En Siddhi .~ UpaSiddhi  
This is one of the ultimate objectives of yogam in Sidhar philosophy.

Yogam of Sidhars meant the accomplishment of merging the body into the supreme sothi/ light. And absolute attainment of eight different dimensions of perfection.

Each dimension of perfection is called as 'siddhi' and 'siddhi' is the miraculous power that were acquired while practicing this path of yogam.

Attaining of siddhis are by methods of meditation, controlling of senses, devotion, herbal methods, mantras, yantras (kolam/ copper plates), pranayama, or by divinical birth.

Supernatural powers are attained through rigorous meditation, devotion towards Guru, spiritual exercises and all the above said methods

En Siddhi/ AttaMaa Siddhi / Eight Primary Siddhi
The concept of the attaining eight siddhis told by sidhars
Anima: Reducing human body to the size of an atom  
Mahima: Expansion of human body, to an infinitely Huge size(Mountain)  
Lahima: Becoming lighter than air (weightless)  
Karima: Becoming infinitely heavy  
Prapthee /
Having unrestricted access to all places,
            being in infinite places at the same time
            Rama Linga Adigalaar performed
           who lived during our period
Prakamyam: Achieving whatever desired  
Eesathuvam: Possessing absolute lordship, planetary controls
                    Like what Ravaneswaran did,
                    (keeping navagraha as workmen)
Vasithuvam: The power to subjugate/ contol all.  
Practising for siddhi's / Eternal powers are to be done, only with the support & guidance from sidhars/ guru, they are persons who can lead to the supreme levels, and can judge the forthcoming troubles and help    
Yatchar, Kandarvar, Irudi, Ganagal… will disturb during the practise by various means. Disturbance need not be like a thunderstorm, … it may come like a friends party/ smiling girl/… it may be any common worldly thing
Muthiyada Manthirathai Ninaikkum Pothu
Mosam ada Manam thaaney Irendaai Pogum
                  Sathiada Yegaa Maaga Thanith irunthu….
[- sidhar Paadal -]

[So while practising for siddhi, our mind will start travelling in differnet directions]
  ::::.. SILAMBAM  TRAINING ..::::
All the siddhi's have to be practised in ValarPirai Only
(from amaavsai to Fullmoon), there are specific dates for persons born on specific month, stars, Lagnam.
So the person practising for siddhis, have to start on their own auspicious
days only , obtaining guidance, herbs, dates, yantras from sidhars.
Upa Siddhi/ Secondary Siddhis
Anurmi Maathavam: Being undisturbed by hunger, thirst, and
other bodily disturbances "
Dhoora Sravana: Hearing sound from very far away distance
Dhoora Darisanam: Seeing things very far away [vision]
Manam Savaah: Moving the body wherever thought goes (teleportation)
Kama Roopam Assuming any form desired
Para_kaaya pravesanam: Entering the bodies of others [Alive]
[not koodu vittu koodu paaithal]
SvaChanda mityuh Dying when one desires [ishta siddhi] (arasayogi)
Devanam saha
krithaa anudarsanam
Witnessing and participating in the pastimes of the kandarvas & Absaras. Prebirth related, Knowledge of Life Lived along with avatars of Gods (Ram, Krishna....)
Yatha sankalpa
Perfect accomplishment of one's determination
Goal achievement, Concentration
Ajña apratheehatha gathee Orders or Commands being unimpeded
Advandvam: Tolerance of heat, cold and other dualities;
Para chittha
adi abhijñatha:
Knowing the minds of others, reading & controlling minds of a huge mass of people ...and so on
Agni, arakka, ambu visa adinam
pratist ambha
Checking the influence of fire, sun, water, poison
and so on and controlling them /suddenly making them arise in a place, within a room
Abaraa Seeyam Remaining unconquered by others;
Rigorous practise, Dedication, True Sacrifice, High Ambition, Unshakeable Gurubakthi .... and many other qualties, abilities will be checked, tested constantly by sidhars, gurus, gandarvars & heavenly bodies, while practising for attainment of siddhis   a small note ... by worshipping or praying near a sidhar / sidhar samdhi alone will not help you in becoming a siddhar or
attain siddhis
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Tips 4m Sidhar
Kaatchi 3 [moovagai kaatchi]
[ Thathuva darisanam, Aanma Darisanam, SivaDarisanam ]
Veythangam 6
Sitchai, Vyakaranam, Nirudham, sothidam, karpam, kanthasu
ILahima [attama siddhi]
Becoming ligther like air, air travelling [kahana maargam-flying]
Thaathuk_kal [7]
Saaram, Senneer[blood], Oon[flesh], kozhpu, yenbu, moolai, vinthu/naatham
MUDHIRAI / Mudra [5]
Kesari, Pusari[Seeing the nose tip, without eye movement], Madhiya_latchnam,
Shanmugi, Saambavee[looking thru sky, eyes open]
Boomi, Neer, Theyu, Vaayu, aakaayam, suriya, chandran, aanma
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