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     Uruthrakkam   ~   Tips to be Followed  

1. You shall not interchange the rudratch malai with anyone.

2. Rudratch shall be worn in a metal be it silver or Gold or copper or Panjalokam. (5 metals)
    It has electrical and magnetic properties which enhances when worn with metal .

3. All Rudratch beads have the same power, one cannot prove that one rudratch is inferior
    to other.

4. Rudratch impove the concentration level as well a improve the Memory of the person wearing it.

5. One can wear any combination of the Rudratch beads.

6. One can wear the malai of 54 , 108 beads with different Mugams in consonance with their     requirement or birth chart.

7. Rudratch never give negative energies therefore they do not have ill effects.

8. One can wear Rudratch in a pendant form in Gold, Silver of Thread.

9. Anyone can wear Rudratch , with any discrimination of sex, caste or creed.

10. One can feel the changes in himself and his attitude towards life after 48 days of wearing it.

11. Rudratch shall be kept well cleaned and oiled.

12. Rudratch can be kept in ones house or Puja Room to get positive energy flow in their house.

13. Before going to bed, remove the maala from your body & keep it in poosai room/ before
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Pusai Murai [methods] *
"Bath.thee" = (bakthi) Praying, Worshiping in General
"Sath.thee" = (sakthi) Praying for Energy, success, Pleasure, Happiness, Peace
"sidh.dhee" = (siddi)    Making your dreams come true by establishing direct connections with...
"Muth.thee" = (mukthi)  Enlightenment, No ReBirth, Becoming as Ganangal / Gods / Theiva Nilai
Theetchai :: = thee+ sei :: The Individual gets the respective acknowledgement /power thru guru to perform pusai
Theetchai :: Nayana (looking), sparisa (touch), Thiruvadi, Gnaana, Siva, Narayana, Bramma, Aruva, Manthira....
Tips 4m Sidhar