A Basic yogic practise for all  
Steps Note
Before starting this yogic practise, switch off your cellphones,
remove your glasses & watches (if wearing)
Basic Positioning
1 Sit relaxed in a comfortable chair/ sofa, which has a comfortable backrest
2 Strech your neck backwards, bending your head towards your back [at comfortable postition only]
3 Keep your palms in open position [palms facing roof/sky]
4 Legs apart in comfortably streched position, [no tight folding / crossing of legs]
5 Eyes closed [eyelids pressing eyes softly & gently ]
Next Breathing
6 Concentrate on your breathing now, Feel the deepness of air getting inside you
7 Now intake slow, wide & deep breaths [dont try to control your breath]
8 Let breathing be mild, simple & easy ... allow the passing of air to reach deep down your abdomen
Next Enchanting
9 Start Enchanting the word "ammm" for 36 times [prolong the 'mmmmm' sound]
[this should be pronounced as "am" from amma]
10 After completion of the saying, Come to normal sitting position
then slowly open your eyes.... feel the difference