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A one day camp, takes place in sidhar Koil at Karanodai in Chennai
This is entirely based on the doctrines of Pathinen Siddhars.
Gurukulam Camp is Conducted by Sidhars only.

Training is imparted in the following aspects: Oogasanams (different from Yogasanams) Oomam,Ooham, Yagam, Yagnam and Velvi, Methods of Poosai, Consecration of Temple, self Improvement,
Re-energising, Individual Worship, Family Worship, Worship of Family God/ Goddess,
Siddha Phiolosophies
The start of Training session with a warmup walking, enchanting mantras
Ohasana classes start, [ traditional steps which are taught only by sidhars at Gurukulam ]
Ohasana class, with simple breathing practices
Vegsoup break
Sidhar neyri vilakkangal, vaalviyal muraigal, guru valipadu... speech
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