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E * Predictions
Predictions are based upon horoscope, palmprints, photo, date of birth,
rasi, lagnam, star and veetu mann ( a little bit of dust of dwelling place)
of an individual/ family, prediction is made at a considerable charge.

The details can be sent through postal or through e-mail.

The holistic prediction is made only after duly performing poosai and getting
permission from the divine.


Monthly poosai :: Amavaasai [New Moon ], Powrnami [FULLMOON], Pradosam, Chathurthi,

YearlyPoosai :: GuruPoosai, SivanRathiri, PanguniUtram, VaikasiVisakam, Nava_Kol_Peyarchi

Epoosai :: The persons horoscope/ photo kept in pusai for a min period of 48hrs and later the predictions are made,

Parihar :: Based on the Predictions by GuruMaha Sannidhanam, ... parihars will be said and delivered [by post].
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Pusai Murai [methods] *
"Bath.thee" = (bakthi) Praying, Worshiping in General
"Sath.thee" = (sakthi) Praying for Energy, success, Pleasure, Happiness, Peace
"sidh.dhee" = (siddi)    Making your dreams come true by establishing direct connections with...
"Muth.thee" = (mukthi)  Enlightenment, No ReBirth, Becoming as Ganangal / Gods / Theiva Nilai
]-[ "Gurukulam" Training Camp Nov 2007 ]-[ 
If any man/woman will try sincerely to find out the power outside of him/her or within him/her, certainly he/she will succeed. "
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