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Poosai is a religious ritual that every individual perform on various occasions
To pray or show respect to their parents, elders, chosen Gods or Goddesses,
so as to seek their blessings.
There are several Poosai's performed at sidharkoil, which people can do for specific events,
such as the starting of a business, or the beginning of a journey, on their birthday, anniversary,
memorable days. The benefit of Poosai are to remove obstacles, attain success, happiness
In Sidhar Koil, poosai's are performed on behalf of you & your family members .
We provide not only treatment for physical body but also to aanmaa [soul]

We at Sidhar Koil, unfold explain & provide solution to the unsolved mysteries.
Human life is full of mysteries, which if decoded can be useful for the ultimate realization of self, .
Leading to self improvement, self empowerment & attaining the level of Sidhars& Gods.

It is possible to reduce the suffering due to the unfavorable position of planets through
sincere poosai with the guidance of Guru,
Pathinen Sidhars rationalistically explains the existences of "Aavi" (Holy Spirit), "Aanmaa"( Athma)
and "Aaruyir"(The Life) in each one of us.
Training & Self Development @ Sidhar Koil
Here the spirit of total surrender to the Gurupeedam is necessary to uplift your divinity
by proper understanding of the three components in every individual.
The Gurupeedam accepts, sincere prayer and worship of the devout.
Disciples are welcomed for acquiring divine knowledge in the following divinical arts and sciences:-
How to perform poosai, yagam, thavam
How to know your past and future births(burning the karma/ oozhvinai)
How to worship for individual life, for attaining siddhi's
How to uplift your latent Kundalini power
How to become the stage of Gods/Goddesses

:..  PHOTOS ..:
Events Poosai, Predictions, happening in Sidhar Temple
  Monthly poosai :: Amavaasai [New Moon ], Powrnami [FULLMOON], Pradosam, Chathurthi,

  YearlyPoosai :: GuruPoosai, SivanRathiri, PanguniUtram, VaikasiVisakam, Nava_Kol_Peyarchi

  Epoosai :: The persons horoscope/ photo kept in pusai for a min period of 48hrs and later the predictions are made,

  Parihar :: Based on the Predictions by GuruMaha Sannidhanam, ... parihars will be said and delivered [by post].
Tips 4m Sidhar
Pusai Murai [methods] *
"Bath.thee" = (bakthi) Praying, Worshiping in General
"Sath.thee" = (sakthi) Praying for Energy, success, Pleasure, Happiness, Peace
"sidh.dhee" = (siddi)    Making your dreams come true by establishing direct connections with...
"Muth.thee" = (mukthi)  Enlightenment, No ReBirth, Becoming as Ganangal / Gods / Theiva Nilai
Theetchai :: = thee+ sei :: The Individual gets the respective acknowledgement /power thru guru to perform pusai
Theetchai :: Nayana (looking), sparisa (touch), Thiruvadi, Gnaana, Siva, Narayana, Bramma, Aruva, Manthira....
Tips 4m Sidhar