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Welcome to take part in our Events
The spiritual & public welfare activities join hands here

Spiritual Events,
Thiru_Mulukatu [abishekam], yagapusai,

Other Welfare Activities,

Eye camps, Medical Camps, Annadhanam,

Training Camps,

Self Development Programme, Individual Empowerment camps, Meditaion, Kundalini yoga

Pusai contributions ,
The amount will be wholly spent on pusai related activities, & the prasadams will be sent to the Donators
[Thiru_Mulukatu [abishekam], pusaigal, padayal, yagam,]
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Tips 4m Sidhar
Yoham *
[ The practise of yoga, is not only for physical aspect... but through the proper practise & utilisation of yoga(yoham), Ooham, Boham... we attain siddhi... mukthi
Hada_yoham, Raasa_yoham, Laya_Yoham, Manthira_Yoham, Kundali_Yoham, Siva_Yoham,
Attanga_Yoham, Iyamaathi_Yettu
Nava Sakthi
Vaamai, Seytai, Roudri, KALI, Kalavi, Palavi, Karani, Palapra_madani, Sarva_bootha_thamani
Tips 4m Sidhar