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The Siddha tradition believes that there are more than 210 divine masters
who, along with their disciples keep taking birth as divine incarnations in different times and different places around the world constantly to keep up with the changing humanity needs and effecting change.

For instance, Jesus Christ is said to have been Siddhar Pullipani having reincarnated.
Jesus Christ have been to india, and have been with many sidhars, especially with
sidhar Amaravathy Atrangarai karuwoorar

Lao Tzu was claimed by Siddhar Bhogar to have been one of his incarnations.

Sidhars have given various structured way of worships
Jainism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam... were all given by different
divine masters/ sidhars.

All the Literature given by sidhars, as paadal (songs),manuscripts& Holy Inscriptions
which render solutions to the unsolved miseries of mankind.

Thus Induism is a 'way of life' designed by Pathinen sidhars.
Role of sidhars in Societal development:    
Pathinen Sidhars have declared that any individual has four forms of life:
1. Individual Life
2. Family Life
3. Social Life
4. Political Life For anybody to be happy he / she has to be successful in all the
    above 4 lives.
  ::::.. EIGHT SUPREME SIDDHI's ..::::
The books written by Arasayogi Karuvoorar, Pathinen Sidhar Peediathipathy XII,
to be universal solutions for all the miseries and complex mysteries of our life
is available at ThalaimaiPeedam, Chennai

For the same they have devised methods for upliftment.
Some of them are:
1. Omam, Oham Yaham, Yagnam, Velvi, Poosai, Thavam, Gnanam etc.

2. Astrology (Pirappiyal), Palmistry (Variyiyal), Namology (Peyariyal)
Samudrika Latchanam (Angaviyal) & Vaasthu (Manaiyiyal)

3. Kulatheivam, Kudumba Aandavar, Nattu Kadavul - are some of the
classification of Gods.

We have to use all of them according to the need with the introduction and
guidance of Guru.

All the above divine practices / Poosai are being performed at karanodai Temple.
::::.. H.H . 12th & 13th SIDHARS ..::::
Cosmic dance statue of Lord Nataraja vividly explains the meaning of "Namachchivaaya" Namach_chivaaya can be split into, "Na"+"Ma"+"Ch"+"Chi"+"Vaa"+"Ya"
Kaayanthiri Manthiram
Amaavasai Poosai

"Na" = Creation, Symbolically represented by right upper hand of Nataraja.
"Ma" = Protection, Symbolically represented by right lower hand of Nataraja
"Ch" = Controlling, right foot firmed on ground
"Chi" = Destruction, Symbolically represented by top left hand of Nataraja
"Vaa" = Concealment, Symbolically represented by lower left hand of Nataraja
"Ya" = Donating divine power, Symbolically represented by lifted left leg of Nataraja

Thus Nataraja statue explains six duties of Lord Shiva
Nataraja statue is the philosophical explanation of Lord Shiva
  Sa Re Ga Ma, Pa Tha Nee    
Those, who understands the finer significance of pitch and length of each one of the seven notes, are the exponent musician in seven notes.

These fundamental seven notes are based upon the sounds emitted by natually occuring flora and fauna.

The seven arch of colours in the rainbow is also the basis for this seven notes of music.
Sa > It delights devatas
Re > It delights irudigal
Ga > It delights amarargal
Ma > It delights kandarvas
Pa > It brings ecstasy in temples
Tha > It brings ecstasy at sanctum sanctorum
Nee > It brings ecstasy in open sanctum sanctorum  
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~* 10 Naadi *~
[ 10 areas of Pulse-Beat in our human body, ]
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