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Arasayogi  Karuwoorar
The Real Photo of arasayogi

Sidhar Arasayogi Karuwoorar was born as a 8th son for
Mr. M. Palanisamy Pillai & named as Krishnamurthy

Mr.Kri-sh-namurthy from his early age, never took interest in any of his own family or social welfare activities. He always kept his work as the main subject for him. So the family members of Mr. Krishnamurthy slowly avoided him.

For further true facts about arasayogi, please contact his relatives and friends in periyakulam, vadakarai agraharam in Theni District, Madurai

Manytimes Mr.Kri-sh-namurthy used to make quarells with his family and ran away from his house in periyakulam. And after severe illness & hunger he used to return home each time.

This was been a on & on routine, so the family left him alone without any consideration.

The true real fact about Mr.Krishnamurthy is, he spent his later retirement life in TEARS, PAINS, LONELINESS & LONGINGNESS

Arasayogi & Kosalai Atrangarai Karuwoorar's
H.H.12th 13th Pathinen Sidhar Peedathipathi's
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Mr. Krishnamurthy used to cry like a small kid due to his failures in life.

Mr.Krishnamurthy used to say like when RAMALINGA ADIGALAR lived he was also treated the same way.
[ The same world filed a defamation suit on Ramalingar by Arumuga Navalar and the condemnation of his teachings as `Marutpa'.]

Likewise Mr.Krishnamurthy's own Disciples, turned their SWORDS againt him as BRUTUS against CEASER"

Especially Mr.Krishnamurthy used to mention them as

The men of Kolathur who got some half / semi baked training from Mr.Krishnamurthy started crtisizing him in a very low profile manner. Thinking of that Mr. Krishnamurthy used to CRY, CRY & CRY in his later periods.
H.H. 12th 13th Pathinen Sidhar Peedathipathi's

H.H. 12th 13th Pathinen Sidhar Peedathipathi's at Karanodai Sidharkoil Function [Theechatti Thiruvizha]
H.H.12th Pathinen Sidhar Peedathipathi
Critics from Tamil Department :: LNG College :: Ponneri    
Mr. Kri-sh-namurthy being a Tamil Laurete & Tamil language Reformer. Never took a single step in his life to change his name from sanskrit syllable "sh sh sh" to any other format.

Like sooriya naaranaya sasthri who changed his name to pure tamil verse as "Parithi mar kalaignar

From his early Life Mr. Kri-sh-namurthy lead a mysterious life with sanskrit scholars & Literals and learnt a lot of substance. But later on he made the sanskrit schloars as evils of the society.

Mr. Kri
-sh-namurthy never revealed his true path of knowledge attaining methods,

H.H. 12th 13th Pathinen Sidhar Peedathipathi's at Karanodai Sidharkoil Function [Theechatti Thiruvizha]

There will be contents uploaded soon about Mr.Krishnamurthy's true life & his Back stabbers

H.H. 12th 13th Pathinen Sidhar Peedathipathi's

While Mr.Krishnamurthy was practising Rajyoga with his two sons at Thiru-vi-ka Nagar : ESI Perambur. Mr. Krishnamurthy's so called true disciples sent Murderers to Threaten him
[kodaikanal Murderer = Dharumarasa].

Please Note & Value the MEANING of "Threatening",

KOLATHUR KODIYAVARGAL sent Kodaikanal murderer Dharumarasa, to threaten Mr.Krishnamurthy. The Evil demons of Kolathur never allowed Mr. Krishnamurthy to lead a peacefull Life. Especially Kodaikanal Murderer who played a major part in the DOWNFALL of sidhaa dynasty.

The role of "SAKUNI" in Mahabharath was to Show DHURIYODHANA as a Villan to the world. And Finally destroy the Kauravas of mighty 100 brothers with a thousand crore valued army men.

Likewise in the Life and Ambition of Mr.Krishnamurthy was brokendown to ashes by
Kodaikanal Murderer Dharumarasa who walks with a stick in hand was the real SAKUNI RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DOWNFALL & DESTRUCTION OF SIDDAR"S FAMILY... SIDDARISM CONCEPTS.... & the destruction of the valued Genetics of Sidhars


H.H. 12th 13th Pathinen Sidhar Peedathipathi's
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