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They preach that the divine power is within every man/woman as well as it is outside of man/ woman
that it is everywhere in this 'cosmic universe'. " If any man/woman will try sincerely to find out the power outside of him/her or within him/her, certainly he/she will succeed. "

In order to help the seekers of the divine power, the Pathinen Siddhars have rendered many means and methods. In short, they have sung the songs of faith and belief in social and religious functions, ceremonies, rituals and customs---etc. "

They are discoverers of gods/goddesses. "
They have not only prescribed treatment for physical body but also treatment for soul. "

They are religionists, good devotees, great divinators, noble philosophers, rationalistic minded theologists, good doctors, great scientists, artists of divine arts and sciences, reformers, revolutionaries, scholars, great thinkers, political thinkers, religious thinkers and thinkers of society. "

They have ample knowledge in spiritualism, theology, temple sciences, anatomy, physiology, logic, philosophy, esoteric doctrine, occult science, mystical arts, devil science, magics, tantric arts, mantric arts, black arts,science of prediction by the study of the structure of the human body, nameology ( a science of prediction by the name of the individuals),numerology, horoscope (a science of prediction by the study of celestial things), political science, social science, history, language, astronomy, architecture, metallurgy, zoology, botony, chemistry, physics, dreamology,palmistry, genelogy of Gods , world history, history of languages, religious history, social history, political history-etc. "

They developed social sat up, political set up and religious principles. "
They have both written as well as unwritten documents. "
Their definitions have finite words and they have direct statements. "

They have segregated Gods and Goddesses into those who give heavenly pleasures and those who give earthly pleasures. "
They have mentioned the means to see Gods/Goddesses. "
They stressed upon the importance of the religion for mankind. "
They have eradicated superstitious beliefs from society. "
They have upgraded the noble men/women to the position of the Gods/Godesses. "

They have prescribed the methods of prayers, offers, rituals, religious rules, systems, bindings and regulations. "
They clearly explain about the life of the souls, the history of man becoming God, Who is God/Goddess?,
How many variety of Gods/Goddesses?, previous births, life before birth, …etc. "
They explain everything in rationalistic approach and in scientific atmosphere.

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Vaayu 10 *
[ Types of air circulating in our human body, which helps in the body system functioning ]
Praanan, Abaanan, Samaanan, Udhaanan, Vyaanan, NAAGAN, Koorman, Giriharan, Devathathan, Dhananjeyan
Yohini Sakthi / Vidhya Sakthi *
Vidhya, Resika, Mosika, Amirtha, Deepaka, Gnaana, Aabiyani, Viyabani, Medha,
Vyoma, Sidhi_ruba, Lakshmi
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